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Omni-Channel Communications

Do you have an omni-channel solution that increases customer engagement and satisfaction?

KUBRA solutions can help you connect with all of your customers across a wide range of channels through billing and payment solutions, proactive alerts, interactive maps, mobile apps, and more. We use data from your CIS and other back-end systems so you can count on consistent messaging across all channels.  

On-Demand Payments

Your customers have a wide range of behaviors and preferences, so it’s important to offer flexible, on-demand payment options. With KUBRA EZ-PAY, your customers can make payments through a multitude of channels with a variety of payment types. Whether they prefer to pay online with a credit card or in-person with cash, KUBRA EZ-PAY provides an easy-to-use, secure way to pay with our omni channel payment processing. You and your customers also benefit from real-time account and authorization tools, plus instant payment processing.

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In-Person Payments

Although digital payments are on the rise, not all customers are willing or able to pay through these channels. Support your cash preference and underbanked customers with alternative payment options. Kiosks help customers avoid long wait times at walk-in centers and enable 24/7 payments with outdoor models. A Retail Cash Payments Network will bring accessible cash payments to convenient retailers in the neighborhoods you serve. POS devices are a simple way to streamline any walk-in center.

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Electronic Bill Presentment

In addition to on-demand payments, many customers are interested in seeing their bill history and setting up automated, recurring payments. With the KUBRA iDoxs® Suite, customers can view their bill across web, mobile web, secure email PDF, SMS text messaging, IVR, call center, and mobile app channels. KUBRA iDoxs also allows you to send out personalized messaging to your customers such as bill due date reminders and payment confirmations, plus it gives you the ability to use targeted marketing to promote other programs and services you provide.  

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Document Print and Mail

Printed bills aren’t going away any time soon, and they are a great channel to connect with customers who might not be as digitally savvy as others. With KUBRA iMail™, we compose, print, and mail out your bills from our state-of-the-art facilities across North America. In addition, iMail gives you the ability to create on-document and insert campaigns to promote your current messaging and initiatives.

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Alerts and Preference Management

With a wide customer base comes a wide variety of channel preferences. Our Notifi alerts and preference management solution delivers the alerts your customers want in the channels they prefer. Notifi gives your customers a single place to keep track of all their preferences. It also provides customers with the flexibility to choose which types of alerts they wish to receive, whether it be alerts around bills, usage, or service interruptions such as power outages. By leveraging information from your CIS, you can be sure that customers are receiving the same message in every channel - whether they are receiving a text message or contacting your call center.

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Interactive Maps

Keeping customers informed and engaged is a great way to increase customer satisfaction. KUBRA offers industry-leading, interactive outage maps and incident maps to give your customers self-service solutions where they can gather information, report outages and other incidents, receive updates on power restoration, and  let you share vital information with customers. All of our maps are easy-to-use and integrated with your backend systems to provide your customers with up-to-date and accurate information.

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Mobile Apps

Most people own a smartphone today and most people almost always have it with them. Which is why mobile apps are such an effective channel for interacting with customers. KUBRA iMobile™ apps help you engage your customers by providing a range of self-service tools in the palm of their hands. The mobile apps provide customers the ability to view and pay bills, manage their account and alert preferences, view and interact with maps, and much more. Our apps are integrated with the rest of our solutions and help provide consistency for your customers across mobile and desktop channels.

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Artificial Intelligence

In recent years, artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing (NLP) have received a lot of attention due to the success and rapid adoption of consumer products such as Amazon’s Alexa and Google Home. As consumers become more used to interacting with technology using natural language instead of specific prompts (e.g. “HELP” or “PAY”), it is imperative that organizations adapt to accommodate this new customer expectation. KUBRA IQ™ is our NLP solution that uses AI and machine learning to help your customers complete a range of tasks, from paying a bill to reporting a power outage. KUBRA IQ is available in many channels, including white-labeled web chatbots, Facebook Messenger, Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Twitter, and SMS Text Messaging.

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