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Customer experience management software that allows you and your citizens to govern the information they want and need to receive, together.


Electronic Bill Presentment

Improve operational efficiency and enhance customer service with KUBRA’s cloud-based e-billing and self-service platform. We combine multiple e-bill delivery options for one-time or enrolled payments with customer self-service and analytics, outbound interactive messaging, and document archival and retrieval.

  • Secure e-bill delivery
  • Flexible payment options (ACH, credit, debit)
  • Personalized messaging
  • Alerts and notifications
  • Bill consolidation
  • Self-service tool

Using KUBRA's government payment processing systems makes billing easy for everyone. Our e-bill payment solutions for government agencies ensure citizens have accessible ways to receive and pay bills.

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On-Demand Payments

Allow citizens to make last-minute, on-demand payments through digital, in-person, and voice channels using their preferred payment type. KUBRA enables you to accept payments from both customers enrolled in self-service and e-billing applications, and non-enrolled customers who prefer to make one-time, guest bill payments.

  • Enrolled or non-enrolled payments
  • Real-time payment processing
  • In-person payment solutions: self-service kiosks, retail cash, and point of sale
  • Multiple payment channels
  • Digital wallet payment acceptance (Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal, and Venmo)
  • AI-integrated payment channels
  • Payment reminders

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Document Print and Mail

Benefit from an integrated service that provides sophisticated document production and distribution capabilities in highly secure and controlled environments. KUBRA can help enhance your targeted marketing efforts, reduce delivery times, and improve accuracy rates.

  • Advanced address hygiene 
  • Data management tools
  • Targeted messaging and marketing
  • Distributed mail production and delivery

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Citizen Communications

Provide citizens the personalized, proactive communications they want and deserve. KUBRA’s alerts and preference management solution lets your citizens choose the channels they want to use to receive information about new initiatives, billing, tax returns, public works activity, and more.

  • Public announcements
  • Taxes, parking, or other fees
  • Request garbage pickup information
  • Report road issues
  • Voting reminders
  • Find polling locations
  • On-demand document rendering

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Interactive Infrastructure Maps

Make it easy for your citizens to let you know about streetlight outages, potholes, and other issues using an interactive map. Streamline your repair process with customizable online reporting forms that integrate with your systems. Publicize your infrastructure investments with maps that show citizens where and when you are making improvements.

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Keep your citizens happy with government payment solutions that promote accessible customer experience management for government entities. See benefits such as:


  • Increased citizen satisfaction: Citizens will appreciate having one payment portal for all of their government services where they can pay with a single click.
  • Reduced cost: Enjoy greater operational efficiencies while using our government payment processing systems.
  • Improved compliance: Our easily accessible platform applies the highest security standards in receiving and processing citizen payments.
  • Leading-edge technology: Our customer experience management software includes cutting-edge features like pay-by-text, smart reminders, and digital wallets to help you better serve your community.

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