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Retail Cash Payment (RCP)

Make cash payment options more accessible to the communities you serve by adding over 75,000 tier-one retail locations to your payment channels with KUBRA RCP.


Real-Time Authorization, Confirmation, and Posting for Cash Payments

Payments made in cash at retail locations within the KUBRA EZ-PAY RCP Network will be authenticated and authorized in real time. Plus, your customers can rely on instant text or email confirmations of their cash payment.

All cash payments are posted and logged in real time to KUBRA iDoxsⓇ allowing your customer service personnel to address cash payment queries and respond in real time for cash payments recently made at the retailer. You will receive real-time posting to customer accounts confirming when a cash payment is made at a retailer to prevent disputes and untimely service shut-offs.

Secure Customer Validation

With KUBRA EZ-PAY RCP, the customer uses a unique barcode that contains all the information required to validate the customer making a cash payment. Therefore, customers will never be required to provide a government ID to the cashier or fill out lengthy forms at the retailer.

To make the retail cash experience even more convenient for your customers, the barcodes only need to be generated once and can be reused for all future retail cash payments.

Advanced Reporting and Tracking Tools

Access payment details across all payment channels and types in real time with optional cancellation tools. Fully integrated management and reporting consoles make it easy to view cash payments in real time and run ad hoc reports.

Growing Network of Retailers

The KUBRA EZ-PAY RCP network currently has over 75,000 participating retailers throughout the United States and the number continues to grow. The user-friendly and dynamic map tool accessed during the RCP process will assist customers with locating their ideal retail location.

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