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KUBRA iMailTM Document Print and Mail

Gain the transparency and reporting your organization needs to track and facilitate effective statement printing and mailing.

As industries make a shift to digital, let’s not forget the importance of print communications. With 500 million mail pieces going out annually at KUBRA, it is imperative that organizations mirror the comprehension and customer experience from their digital platforms in their print communications. KUBRA is here to provide you with the best document print and mail solution for your company.


Design and Format

KUBRA iMail lets you compose and design business-critical documents that maximize the impact of each customer engagement. Web-based tools help you create and design documents such as letters and notifications. Then, our state-of-the-art facilities across North America turn those document templates as well as bills, statements, and invoices into personalized paper documents and mail them to your customers. KUBRA is a great document printing and mailing solution when you want to deliver the best to your customers.

You may use our printing and mailing platform to generate documents and create easy-to-understand bills and statements that are consistent with your brand. 

Statement Printing and Finishing Services

KUBRA iMail provides a wide variety of printing options including cut-sheet or roll-fed; monochrome, highlight, or full color; and simplex or duplex printing using high-speed laser printers. Our facilities also provide high-volume folding and insertion, selective insertion, inventory and logistics management, postal sorting and indicia application, mail traying, and packaging services.

KUBRA's iMail bill printing services and mailing software solution effectively manages all of your print and mail needs for a hassle-free experience. Take advantage of custom invoice printing when you use this convenient feature.


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Postal Delivery

Our network of production facilities allows you to produce your documents at multiple facilities so they ship closer to their final destination and deliver them to a Bulk Mailing Entry Unit (BMEU) for reliable processing and expedited turnaround. KUBRA iMail also provides CASS-certified postal processing, address hygiene services, and support for USPS Intelligent Mail-Barcode to limit mail delivery to inactive addresses.

Web-Based Monitoring Tools

Our DocWeb® portal lets you monitor the entire document production process, from data processing to mail finishing, in real time. This high level of interactivity gives you an active role in influencing, modifying and managing your own dedicated document production resources.

Our facilities use the latest hardware and sophisticated tracking software along with quality control audits to ensure communication integrity, adhere to best practices, and meet exacting communication standards. Learn more about our web-based document mailing services today by scheduling a demo.



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