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Collection Agencies

Payment Solutions for Collection Industry

Boost collection rates with an omni-channel billing and payment solution that is reliable, secure, flexible, and available 24/7. Completely automate the bill and transactional documents generation process, send payment reminders, and collect payments through multiple channels. KUBRA's payment solutions for the collection industry allow you to increase collections rates and improve your bottom line simultaneously.

Speed Up the Time To Collect With On-Demand Payments

Improve your collection rates by providing consumers with the ability to pay anytime or anywhere. Consumers can make on-demand payments through digital, in-person, and voice channels using their preferred payment type. KUBRA enables you to accept one-time payments as well as payments via a payment plan.

Key Features

  • Real-time payment processing technology
  • In-person payment solutions (self-service kiosks, retail cash, and point of sale)
  • Multiple payment channels (digital, in-person, and voice)
  • Digital wallet payment acceptance (Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal, and Venmo)
  • AI-integrated payment channels (chatbot and text message)
  • Payment reminders for consumers
  • PCI-Compliant payment processing

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Reliable and Secure Mail Production and Delivery

Benefit from an integrated service that provides sophisticated document production and distribution capabilities in highly secure and controlled environments. KUBRA's mailing systems for collection businesses can help reduce delivery times of invoices, statements of debt, and debt validation/demand letters, and improve accuracy rates. Our self-service portal allows clients the flexibility to review and modify documents through an intuitive client dashboard and manage documents through every step of the process.

Key Features

  • Four high-volume, geographically-distributed, state-of-the-art print facilities
  • Advanced address hygiene
  • Data-driven document composition
  • Targeted messaging
  • Reliable mail production and delivery
  • On-demand document rendering
  • Flexibility to modify and manage documents in a self-service portal
  • Robust disaster recovery infrastructure

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Recover Debt Efficiently With Electronic Billing Presentment

Optimize cash flow, improve operational efficiency, and enhance customer service with KUBRA’s cloud-based e-billing and self-service platform. We combine multiple e-bill and invoice delivery options and convenient payment channels with analytics, outbound interactive messaging, and document archival and retrieval.

Key Features

  • Secure e-bill and invoice delivery
  • Flexible payment options (ACH, credit, debit)
  • Personalized messaging
  • Alerts and notifications
  • Invoice consolidation
  • Self-service tools
  • Enhanced reporting

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Increase Communications With Automated Notifications

Keep consumers engaged and informed by delivering personalized, automated notifications directly in their channels of choice. Our alerts and preference management solution lets consumers set their communication preferences, helping to increase the likelihood that you’ll connect with them.

Key Features

  • Payment reminders
  • Invoices, statements, letters
  • Contact support
  • Channel choice (e.g. email, SMS text message, mobile app push notification, pre-recorded or text-to speech voice message, voice, Amazon Alexa, Facebook Messenger, and Google Assistant)

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Meet Consumers Where They Are With Mobile Apps

Allow consumers on the move to conveniently communicate with you, check the status of their accounts, and make payments directly from their mobile devices. With KUBRA mobile app solutions, consumers can access a wide range of secure features and self-service tools to help them stay on top of their payment obligations.

Key Features

  • Manage account
  • Make a payment
  • Check balances
  • Finance information
  • Contact support
  • FAQ links

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Benefits of Bill Pay Solutions for the Collection Industry

Electronic billing options for collection companies make life easier for everyone involved.

KUBRA's industry-leading collection software delivers:

  • Improved Collection Rates
  • Increased Consumer Engagement
  • Reduced Cost
  • Enhanced Compliance
  • Leading-Edge Technology
  • Seamless Debt Collection Payment Experience

See our revolutionary mailing systems for collection businesses in action by requesting a demo for your company today. Our Sales team will assist you in developing custom solutions for payment and communication needs. When bill pay is easy, more people will use it, putting more money in your pocket. Start experiencing better through KUBRA now.

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