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Outage Communications

Is your utility prepared to face the most damaging storm in its history - and keep customers informed in the midst of restoration work?

KUBRA Outage Communications

KUBRA outage communications solutions help you provide the information your customers need to make crucial decisions during outages. Be prepared to face the most damaging storm in your organization’s history and answer to your customers while doing so.

Outage Maps

Whether it’s a planned outage or a storm event, providing information to customers during power outages keeps customers happy and calls out of your call center. Using KUBRA Storm Center maps, customers can view outages for their area and report outages for locations associated with their accounts.

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Outage Reporting and Updates

For simple outage reporting and outage updates, text messaging is an ideal alternative. KUBRA Notifi can help you alert your customers through power outage communication. With the Notifi alert and preference management system, customers can alert you when they are out of power and even request updates to their restoration status. Since the information sent to customers comes directly from the data in your outage management system, you can rest assured that customers receive the most up-to-date information possible.

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Outage Alerts

Nothing improves customer satisfaction like being proactive with your communications – especially during outages. Service outage communication alerts driven by KUBRA’s Notifi solution allow you to send customers and other stakeholders information about things such as storm preparation, weather updates, power outages, and estimated restoration times before they ask for it.

Due to FCC clarifications about the TCPA, utilities can reach more of their customers than ever before with automated alerts. In August 2016, the FCC clarified the scope of the TCPA, stating that utilities have implied consent to send alerts to customers about things “closely related” to their utility service including outages, service interruptions, and field work. Using the Notifi system and the Notifi Implicit Consent Alert module, you can provide valuable information to customers using phone numbers obtained when starting service while maintaining compliance under the TCPA.

To ensure alerts are being received in the customer’s channel of choice, they can be sent by text message, email, IVR, or mobile apps push alerts. The Notifi preference management portal allows customers to manage their preferences and contact information, removing the burden of managing this information yourself.

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Full-Feature Mobile Apps

Mobile apps give customers access to important information when they need it most. For many customers, when the power is out, their access to the internet is limited to their smartphone or tablet. KUBRA Mobile™ apps bring together all the functionality of outage maps, interactive communications, and proactive alerts in one convenient location.

Through the apps, customers can view outage maps, access important phone numbers, and view social media pages. Mobile apps can also access mobile device features such as cameras and GPS data to support photo attachments and location tags for outage reports.

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Streetlight Outages and Other Infrastructure Management

Power outages are not the only type of outage you deal with. Managing the reporting and repair workflow for issues with outdoor lights can be a challenge. KUBRA’s IncidentWatch solution uses an interactive web-based map interface to allow customers to report outages by identifying them visually on the map or by using the GPS functionality on their smartphone.

The solution improves the reporting process for users and streamlines the repair process for your repair crew by integrating directly with your work management system and helping to avoiding duplicate reports. KUBRA has your back when it comes to outage communications. Schedule a demo today to learn more!

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