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Dropcountr Water Analytics

Apply Water Use Insights and Analytics to Deepen Customer Engagement and Increase Satisfaction

Sustainability concerns, increasing water rates, and a growing interest in water consumption and efficiency programs are making it difficult to stay ahead of consumer expectations. That all changes with KUBRA Dropcountr's water management software.

Our cloud-based customer engagement and analytics solution helps you reduce the cost to serve your customers, improve operational efficiency, and increase customer satisfaction by translating data generated by water meters into actionable information for your customers. KUBRA Dropcountr provides the tools you need to engage both residential and business customers 24/7.

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Water Use


Increase your customer’s water IQ by providing usage insight in terms they understand. This is the first step toward true self-service when your customers finally get a sense of their water use and how to use the right amount for them, and your region.

  • Correlate use to rates and match with a bill
  • Compare similar households through social norming
  • Calculate a budget for each customer account using demographic and climate factors 
  • Provide water use in annual, monthly, daily, and hourly intervals
  • Capture and present outdoor use data using the irrigation algorithm
  • Identify burst and continuous flow leaks

Alerts and Notifications

Keep your customers informed through alerts and notifications delivered to the devices they prefer. Taking advantage of the ability to automatically send key information and messages to your customers reduces your communication costs and improves productivity. Your customers will be more engaged and feel empowered to make data-driven water use decisions.

  • Instant digital delivery of utility announcements
  • Monthly water use summaries
  • Targeted emergency notifications (e.g. boil water advisory, service interruption)
  • Leak alerts via push, text, and email
  • Threshold alerts

Customer Portals

KUBRA Dropcountr has two self-service customer portals, HOME and BUSINESS. These portals give your residential and business customers the ability to monitor their water use and make informed decisions based on personalized data via an easy-to-use native mobile app or responsive web browser. Proprietary technology enables customers to receive leak alerts and set custom usage thresholds that trigger a notification when their usage exceeds a certain dollar amount on their bill. It also provides irrigation analysis, which is increasingly important for drought-ridden climates. 


Utility Dashboard

As a water utility, CLEAR Utility gives you access to analytics and reporting through our customizable utility dashboard which features the information most relevant to you. This data provides valuable insight into customer behavior and communication metrics so you can better meet the needs of your customers. From the dashboard, you can address indoor/outdoor water efficiency budgets, respond to service requests, and engage with customers cost-effectively using modern communication channels. 

The dashboard also has a self-serve pricing module that allows your employees to update pricing in CLEAR so that customers can more accurately estimate their water bill and receive notifications based on when their estimated bill reaches a threshold.


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