Empowering Our People, Building a Sustainable Future, and Enriching Communities

Corporate Social Responsibility and What It Means at KUBRA

KUBRA is more than just a business. We are a community committed to making a positive impact on Our People and the world around us. At the heart of everything we do is an unwavering dedication to inclusivity, sustainability, and giving back. Our program, KUBRA Cares, aligns our organizational goals with the values that matter to Our People.

Our Pillars


KUBRA's CSR Strategy

At its core, our CSR strategy is rooted in the belief that business success and societal progress are interdependent. It acknowledges the profound responsibility we bear as an organization to operate in a manner that benefits our communities and safeguards the environment upon which we all rely. 

The KUBRA Cares Program outlines our current and future plans for how we meaningfully contribute to our communities and the measures we take to help lead us to a more sustainable future.

Pillar 1: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Within the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion pillar, we firmly believe, we've identified three key areas where we can make a significant impact: organizational culture, talent acquisition, and talent development. We firmly believe that providing all of Our People with equal opportunities is the foundation of a thriving and diverse workforce. Our dedication to equity starts from the moment applicants first connect with us.

Our Commitment
Prioritize a work environment that provides equal opportunities for all of Our People. We focus on:

  • Uplifting Others Through Inclusion: We foster an inclusive culture that celebrates diversity and promotes a sense of belonging for everyone at KUBRA.
  • Diversity and Fairness in Talent Acquisition: We strive to create a workforce that reflects the diverse communities we serve by implementing fair and inclusive hiring practices.
  • Equitable Access to Development Opportunities: We provide all of Our People with equal access to professional growth and development opportunities to support their success.

Pillar 2: Environmental Sustainability

We recognize the urgent need to prioritize environmental sustainability and reduce our carbon footprint for the sake of future generations. Our commitment to sustainability extends across all aspects of our operations, from our Print and Mail (KUBRA iMail) service to fostering an eco-conscious culture among Our People.

Our Commitment
Ensure KUBRA is actively spearheading sustainability efforts to pave a path toward a greener future. We focus on:

  • Operating Mindfully: We implement operational efficiencies into our practices and partner with FSC- Certified vendors to minimize our environmental footprint.
  • Minimizing Our Impact: We continually explore innovative ways to reduce our environmental impact, including applying eco-friendly practices across all business units and cloud adoption.
  • Empowering Our Employees: We provide Our People with volunteer opportunities, office enhancements, and the resources and support they need to make a positive impact on the environment, both within and outside of KUBRA.

Pillar 3: Community Impact

At KUBRA, we believe that a strong community begins with us. We cultivate a culture that encourages and supports Our People to give back to their local communities. Through volunteerism, charitable donations, and our impactful product offerings, we aim to create a lasting positive influence where it matters most.

Our Commitment
Empower Our People and create products that make a positive impact on the lives of others. We focus on:

  • Employee Impact: We provide opportunities for Our People to actively engage in their communities through paid volunteer days, enabling them to make a meaningful difference where they live and work.
  • Product Impact: Our innovative solutions go beyond serving our clients and have the potential to create a positive community impact. From water conservation initiatives and payment solutions that help serve under-resourced communities, our products are a force for change.

The KUBRA Cares Movement

KUBRA Cares aims to help create a brighter future for Our People, our communities, and the planet. The spirit of KUBRA Cares thrives in supporting a setting where diversity is celebrated, empowering Our People to make a positive impact on the lives of others, and leading endeavors that favor a more sustainable future.  By embracing these values, we strive to create a workplace where Our People can thrive while making a meaningful difference in the world around us.