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KUBRA IQTM Natural Language Processing

Use Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning to enhance your customer self-service channels.

KUBRA IQ Natural Language Processing

Our KUBRA IQ Natural Language Processing solution uses human-like speech to help customers complete a range of tasks from paying a bill or reporting a service outage to understanding service usage.

Omni-Channel Natural Language Processing

KUBRA IQ allows customers to use everyday language instead of preset phrases or keywords to interact in automated voice and text channels. The solution asks questions and analyzes customers’ answers to automate and empower the self-service process.

Available Channels

  • Amazon Alexa
  • SMS Text Messaging
  • White-Label Web Chat

Machine Learning

KUBRA IQ analyzes text and speech from every customer interaction to better understand customers’ needs and improve responses over time. The ability to aggregate insights across our customer base speeds up the learning process, improving the customer experience for all KUBRA IQ users. 

Standard Interactions

  • Request account balance
  • Ask for energy efficiency tips
  • Enroll in e-billing
  • Pay utility bill
  • Show usage details
  • Request current energy pricing
  • Report a power outage
  • Check power outage status

Optional Interactions

  • Pay taxes, parking, or other fees
  • Show payment history
  • Request garbage pickup information
  • Request street cleaning information
  • Report road issues
  • Receive voting reminders
  • Find polling locations

Flexible Platform

The KUBRA IQ platform was designed to allow KUBRA to quickly add new channels. This flexibility helps you stay ahead of the ever-growing demand for omni-channel communications. KUBRA IQ can both communicate and support interactions with enterprise systems including CIS, payments, and My Account services. KUBRA leverages the power of Natural Language Processing across our portfolio, including with Notifi and KUBRA iMobile solutions.

Secure and Scalable Implementation

Amazon Web Services hosting allows KUBRA to scale KUBRA IQ systems up or down to match customer demand. KUBRA has extensive experience integrating back-office systems using secure web services and flat file feeds to provide the information needed for customer interactions.


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