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KUBRA BizInsights™

Your customer data is telling a story. Transform data into actionable insights with KUBRA BizInsights.


Data is a critical asset in making informed decisions. When real-time analytics are visualized in powerful dashboards, your business can quickly respond to the stories your customers are telling you about their needs and behavior. KUBRA BizInsights is an advanced analytics solution that harnesses the power of AI and machine learning to turn data into practical intelligence that drives smarter business decisions.  

Built for Billers

BizInsights was built for billers, with their most common business challenges in mind. Our out-of-the-box data visualizations can uncover the reasons behind late payments, IVR payment performance, and so much more. 

Omni-Channel Insights

Connect data from multiple KUBRA products and third-party sources for enhanced customer experience insights and better predictions of customer behavior.

Interactive Dashboards

Get real-time visibility into the metrics that matter with easy-to-understand dashboards that allow you to drill down for further analysis. 

Sophisticated Q&A Tool Chatbot 

An interactive Question and Answer feature enables users to directly query the platform for additional insights and build charts based on their search results.

No Data Engineering Expertise Required

Our powerful data architecture allows KUBRA to quickly convert complex utility data into valuable knowledge for informed decision-making. Leave the data integration, processing, and AI modeling to us.

There are numerous ways you can drive informed decisions with the business intelligence you will garner from KUBRA BizInsights:

  • Reduce Late Payments: Predict which customer segments and personas will most likely pay late, so you can implement targeted campaigns to improve payment performance. 
  • Improve E-Bill Adoption: Get insights into how your payment mix is performing to improve e-bill adoption rates and identify which areas need further investment.
  • Reduce Call Center Costs: Staff call centers accordingly depending on where, when, and why most calls are happening. 
  • Improve IVR Payments: Improve the performance of Interactive Voice Response (IVR) interactions to reduce costs and effort for your CSR teams. 
  • Target Customer Segments: Identify specific customer personas, and target them with meaningful messages based on their payment patterns and communication preferences.

Key Features

  • Out-of-the-box dashboards
  • Geographic analysis
  • Anomaly detection
  • Third-party data integration
  • Scheduled reporting
  • Curated datasets
  • Streamlined data collection and analysis 

Looking to optimize your existing data for enhanced insights or require specialized expertise to tackle a specific business objective? KUBRA's CX Transformation (CXT) Team excels at taking your data further to isolate and interpret essential insights, enabling you to execute strategic changes that yield significant, measurable results.


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