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Customer experience management software that helps with payment processing and ensures you can stay in touch with agents and insureds.

Electronic Bill Presentment

Optimize the revenue lifecycle, improve operational efficiency, and enhance customer service with KUBRA’s cloud-based e-billing and self-service insurance payment platform. We combine multiple e-bill delivery options for one-time or enrolled payments with customer self-service and analytics, outbound interactive messaging, and document archival and retrieval. See some of our insurance billing and payments platform's key features listed below:

  • Secure e-bill delivery
  • Flexible payment options (ACH, credit, debit)
  • Personalized messaging
  • Alerts and notifications
  • Bill consolidation
  • Self-service tool

Streamline insurance payment processing with our e-billing software designed for insurance companies. Your customers will appreciate the convenience of receiving their bills securely online and the ability to choose the payment options that work best for them. Learn more about our insurance payment solutions.

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On-Demand Payments

Allow insureds to make last-minute, on-demand insurance payments through digital, in-person, and voice channels using their preferred payment type. KUBRA's insurance payment platform enables you to accept payments from both customers enrolled in self-service and e-billing applications, and non-enrolled customers who prefer to make one-time, guest bill payments.

  • Enrolled or non-enrolled e-payments
  • Real-time payment processing
  • In-person payment solutions: self-service kiosks, retail cash, and point of sale
  • Multiple payment channels
  • Digital wallet payment acceptance (Apple Pay, Google Pay, PaexyPal, and Venmo)
  • AI-integrated payment channels
  • Payment reminders

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Document Print and Mail

Benefit from an integrated service that provides sophisticated document production and distribution capabilities in highly secure and controlled environments. KUBRA can help enhance your targeted marketing efforts, reduce delivery times, and improve accuracy rates.
  • Advanced address hygiene 
  • Data management tools
  • Targeted messaging and marketing
  • Distributed mail production and delivery
  • On-demand document rendering

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Natural Language Processing

Innovate your payment channels and improve the customer payment experience with KUBRA’s artificial intelligence and natural language processing solution. Natural language processing uses human-like text and speech to help customers pay their bills using smart speakers, social media channels, SMS Text, and chatbots. This innovative, multi-channel solution gives customers the personalized experiences they crave.

  • Multi-channel solution
  • Leverages natural language and machine learning
  • Wide-range of payment use cases
  • Near-real-time processing
  • Scalable solution

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Insured Communications

Improve both TCPA compliance and insured satisfaction by proactively communicating with insureds in their channel of choice. KUBRA’s preference management solution lets your insureds choose the channels they want you to use to receive new policy documents, billing, claims, and more.

  • New policy documents
  • Billing
  • Claims

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Benefits of KUBRA's Insurance Payment Processing Solution

When you implement KUBRA's insurance company management software solutions, you'll experience benefits like:

  • Increased insured satisfaction: With accessible, convenient insurance payment solutions, customer satisfaction improves.
  • Reduced cost: Implement KUBRA insurance billing and payment solutions to reduce costs and improve customer experience.
  • Improved compliance: Customers can choose their communication preferences so you can deliver documents and engage with them in their channels of choice.
  • Leading-edge technology: KUBRA's insurance company software solutions use leading technology to provide efficient and effective billing and communication solutions.


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