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Why Should Billers Consider Bill Payment Kiosks?

February 18, 2021

Satisfying the needs of your customers is a tricky business these days. Consumer preferences are constantly in flux and the steady flow of new payment solutions challenges you to stay on top of current technology trends. If you’re a biller looking to improve customer experience, you first need to figure out what your customers want and then find the solutions to give it to them. That means offering an omni-channel payment solution. One that will provide options for customers who want the latest digital options while still having innovative solutions available for those who prefer the convenience and immediacy of paying in person. 

Your customers will appreciate the flexibility that payment kiosks offer, like the ability to make bill payments at times that are convenient for them. They are also a great alternative for customers that are skeptical about making payments online. If you’re looking for a solution that will help you serve your cash-paying customers and those who like to pay in person better, kiosks definitely fit the bill - and here’s why.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Kiosks are sure to boost customer satisfaction by providing a convenient and fast way to pay 24/7. Customers experience an accelerated and easy-to-follow payment process with the ability to make payments in 60 seconds or less. These solutions provide payment flexibility, supporting cash, credit, PIN-less debit, PIN debit, and checks. With quick payment processing times and speedy checkouts, kiosks take the hassle out of paying bills and let customers get on with their day.


Kiosks Are Preferred by Unbanked and Underbanked

Cash payments are preferred, and often the only option, for unbanked households where no one in the residence has a checking or savings account at a bank or credit union. This is not an insignificant portion of the population. Data gathered by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) shows that approximately 7.1 million American households were unbanked in 2019. Of this group, 56.2% indicated that they weren’t at all interested in having a bank account. The two most common reasons cited for this were not meeting the minimum balance requirements to get one and a lack of trust in banks. Now, underbanked customers also typically choose cash as their preferred method of payment. These households have a bank account but have also obtained financial services and products outside of the banking system. Kiosks are key for serving both of these groups as they provide an easy and secure way for consumers to pay bills. They are also a win for you because they give you a convenient way to accept cash.

Self-Serve Payments Matter During the Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has added additional challenges to cash-paying customers and billers alike as both look for self-checkout solutions that give customers safe ways to make in-person payments. Kiosks allow your customers to pay at a time when it's safe and convenient for them, without any human interaction needed. While the pandemic certainly reinforced the need and bolstered the popularity of self-service payment channels, this is part of a longer-term trend that will undoubtedly continue as we learn to navigate our new normal.

High Efficiency and Safety for Billers

On top of enhanced accessibility and convenience, kiosks are an extremely cost-effective solution. Since customers can self serve, you save money on the staffing and operational costs associated with accepting in-person payments. Customer Service Representatives are freed up to handle customers and transactions that require face-to-face interactions. Kiosks are also low maintenance. They can be monitored remotely and require minimal staff training. KUBRA’s Self-Service Kiosks are also PCI compliant which ensures superior data protection, giving you and your customers peace of mind that their payment details are kept safe.  

Modernize Your Customer Service Centers with Self-Serve Kiosks

Make long wait times, inconvenient walk-in center hours, and costly staffing fees a thing of the past. With self-service kiosks, you save your customers time and you save money. KUBRA Self-Service Kiosks are provided through the KUBRA EZ-PAY solution which offers a quick, secure, and convenient payment channel that is available 24-hours a day to customers who prefer to make bill payments in cash. Click here to learn more about KUBRA Self-Service Kiosks.

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