Get in the AI Game: Using Artificial Intelligence to Improve Customer Satisfaction

December 14, 2018

Whether it’s used for getting the latest game score on Amazon Alexa, navigating around traffic with the aid of Waze, or simply providing relevant ads as we browse the internet, our lives have all been touched by Artificial Intelligence (AI). Used actively or passively, AI can streamline daily tasks, provide needed information, and generally help improve our lives.

When used effectively, AI can also help reduce costs and improve customer satisfaction. That’s why big brands and utilities alike are adding AI to their consumer-facing activities. Join KUBRA as we share how utilities can utilize AI to better serve customers.

In this webinar, you will:

  • Learn about artificial intelligence and other related technologies
  • Hear how other industries are using AI to improve customer satisfaction
  • Find out how utilities are using AI to keep customers in-the-know
  • Get an overview of KUBRA IQ and its uses across smart speaker, chatbot, and text messaging platforms


  • Nathan Wiech, Director, KUBRA
  • Colton Marshall, Product Manager, KUBRA IQ

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