A Talk with ComEd: Automating Customer Repair Requests

August 14, 2019

Managing repair requests for outdoor lights, utility poles, potholes, and other issues is often a manual and labor-intensive process. But, what if there was a simple process for managing these issues?

Join KUBRA and ComEd as we share how a user-friendly, interactive map can help streamline repair requests, saving time and money while enhancing customer safety.

In this webinar, you will:

  • Get an overview of the many benefits other utilities are seeing by employing self-service incident reporting for their customers.
  • Hear from ComEd on how they have improved their reporting process with a streetlight outage map and what results they have seen from the change.
  • See a demo of KUBRA’s IncidentWatch platform and hear plans for ongoing platform improvements.


  • Greg Cranford, Customer Relationship Manager, KUBRA
  • Colton Marshall, Product Manager, IncidentWatch, KUBRA

Special Guests:

  • Bob Crohan, Sr, Business Analyst, Distribution Ops Support, ComEd
  • April Evans, Sr. Program Manager, ComEd

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