Communicate more effectively with insureds and give your agents the information they need to build and retain customer loyalty.

Personalized Communication

Treat insureds and agents like the individuals they are. Some want a lot of information, while others may only want to know when their bill is due or when their claim has been approved. Some may prefer to be communicated with by email, while others want to use mobile channels.

The Notifi® Preference Center keeps track of each person’s preferences and gives them a single place where they can manage all of their contacts and subscriptions.

Available Channels

  • Email
  • SMS text message
  • Mobile app push notification (available with KUBRA iMobile™)
  • Pre-recorded or text-to-speech voice message
  • IVR

Proactive Messaging

Nothing improves customer satisfaction like being proactive with your communications. Alerts driven by KUBRA’s Notifi solution allow you to send insureds things such as policy renewals, bill due dates, and claim status. The system can also be configured to alert agents to events such as changes in their customer accounts or to inform them to prepare for increased activity following a natural disaster.

Once customers enter a contact in the Notifi Preference Center and subscribe for messages, the Notifi platform keeps track of those subscriptions and sends messages automatically when an event matches.

Natural Language Processing

Using KUBRA IQ™ technology, insureds can use everyday language for communicating by text messaging, Facebook Messenger, Amazon Alexa, and more. Customers no longer need to remember specific keywords to inquire about account balances or ask for claim updates. They can simply interact with Notifi as if they were dealing with a live agent and will receive responses in the same way.

TCPA and CAN-SPAM-Compliant Communications

Notifi® includes features that allow you to ensure you are compliant with CAN-SPAM and TCPA rules. The Notifi platform helps capture written consent, provides a location for customers to unsubscribe, and offers templates that allow you to meet CAN-SPAM regulations for email – all within a single platform. It also helps meet TCPA requirements by offering a solution for determining if phone numbers are landline or mobile numbers and by monitoring changes in phone number ownership for deregistration purposes.

Automated Conversations

Conversation templates allow you to create automated two-way conversations that respond to customer requests with information from your back-office systems. Proactive messages can also include prompts for customer responses or links to relevant resources.

Flexible Platform

The Notifi platform integrates with your back-office systems to provide alerts about billing, payments, claims, new programs, and more. Because the Notifi platform is modular, you can add additional alert programs to meet the needs of your insureds and agents.

Secure and Scalable Implementation

The Notifi preference database and alert engines are powered by cloud computing to provide on-demand scalability, with encryption to ensure that your customers’ personal information is kept secure.