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KUBRA Announces Latest Version of IncidentWatch™

August 18, 2020

We’re excited to announce that KUBRA has released its latest version of IncidentWatch™ with new features! IncidentWatch is an online map-based incident reporting and management solution that provides industries, including utilities and government, with an enhanced way to report infrastructure incidents and manage repairs, such as streetlight outages and potholes. Once an incident is reported, your utility is immediately informed about the problem and your customers are automatically updated on the restoration.

Now with the latest version of IncidentWatch, not only is the incident reporting process improved, but the self-service tool caters to new industries, including insurance, healthcare, and auto finance. The map’s fresh, modern interface also allows companies to plot business locations or payment centers so users can easily find these resources on the map. 

The latest version of IncidentWatch includes:

Refreshed UI/UX - The newest version of IncidentWatch offers a fresh, modern, user-friendly interface designed to improve the user experience. Whether an end-user is trying to locate a streetlight issue or a business, the new interface lends itself to easy navigation and usage.


Polygon Incidents - IncidentWatch now includes a built-in drawing tool that allows administrators to freely select and plot an area when reporting an incident for public visibility.


Incident Scheduling - The new incident scheduling feature allows administrators to provide a scheduled start and/or end time when creating an incident. This scheduling helps inform the public when there’s upcoming construction or tree trimming in their area.


Incident Comments - Administrators can now leave comments on incidents when using the map. These comments can be marked as private or public, depending on the relevancy to the public.

IncidentWatch Features

Incident Layers - The new Incident Layers feature allows a single map to display multiple layers with different incident categories, such as tree trimming or streetlight outages.


Real-time API - Allows clients to manage the incident lifecycle via integration with web services.

SMS Notifications - Users can now subscribe to incident updates via text messages and are no longer limited to email. 

IncidentWatch Features

New Use Cases - IncidentWatch supports new use cases, such as tree trimming, circuit maintenance, gas leaks, and water incidents. These new water incidents include Boil Water and Do Not Drink advisories, fire hydrant replacement, water main breaks, and more. You can configure any number of custom incident types to display on the new IncidentWatch map version.

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To learn more about the latest version of IncidentWatch, request a demo to see how the new interface and features can improve your incident reporting process and customer experience.

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