New KUBRA Billing and Payment Research Reveals Digital Dominance Is on the Rise

July 25, 2023

Tempe, AZ — July 25, 2023 - KUBRA, a leading provider of customer experience management solutions for some of the largest utility, insurance, and government entities, recently released a research report focused on the changing face of payments, providing utilities with insight into current customer expectations when it comes to payment experiences.

Key findings of KUBRA’s Utility Consumer Billing and Payment Report 2023 include:

  • Demand for digital experiences is also rising. 
  • Consumers’ use and appetite for digital options are growing.
  • Top payment methods are all digital, including mobile apps, biller websites, and bank websites.
  • Preference for digital extends to how customers want to receive their bills.
  • Credit and debit cards are the most preferred payment methods.
  • Ease of use, convenience, and time management benefits drive the digital trend.

"Our research found that utility companies that show a commitment to meeting customer needs through innovative payment solutions can improve customer experience, trust, and satisfaction,” said Shaun Jackson, Senior Vice President of Marketing at KUBRA. “Utility companies should anticipate the ongoing expansion of digital payment trends as customers increasingly rely on digital platforms and younger generations assume greater responsibility for bill payments.”

As customers increasingly prioritize convenience and ease, traditional payment methods are being replaced by mobile apps, biller websites, and bank websites, further fueling the momentum of digital payments. A detailed comparison of the most popular payment channels identifies a surge in the popularity of mobile apps in recent years, as 53% prefer mobile apps compared to 32% in 2020. 

The upside to improving digital payments is immense for utilities. Not only does it demonstrate their commitment to innovation, but utilities can also expect to experience increased customer trust, confidence, and engagement. 52% of utility customers indicate that improving digital payments will increase their overall satisfaction with their biller, 45% believe that it will help them make payments on time, and 35% think it will increase their trust and confidence in their biller.

A detailed review of the research can be found in the white paper, KUBRA’s Utility Billing and Payment Report 2023.

Survey Criteria

This nationwide survey captured the responses of 1,099 adults 18 years or older who identified themselves as responsible for paying their bills and mortgage payments. 


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