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Incident Map and Reporting Tool

Infrastructure repairs help keep neighborhoods safe, but managing these requests can be challenging. IncidentWatch™ improves your incident management process by making reporting easier for you and your customers.

Easy-to-Use Interface

The IncidentWatch™ map gives you a simple, intuitive way to report problems with outdoor lights, utility poles, streets, and other issues with visual representations of asset locations and issue reports. The map also includes a search function and integrated location-based services that allow the map to automatically move to a user’s current position.

Reduced Time Between Report and Repair

IncidentWatch is optimized for mobile devices, so users can easily locate problem lights and report issues from anywhere. If you have an asset management system, you can connect it to IncidentWatch so that reports from the map automatically create repair tickets. The IncidentWatch map display, the starting map view, and the report form for submitting incidents can all be customized to meet your organization’s specific needs.

Incident Management Tool

The IncidentWatch solution includes an Incident Management tool for updating incident status, adding internal or external comments, tracking lists of reported incidents, and searching the incident history for specific assets or reports. The Incident Management tool also groups incident locations into clusters on a map, allowing users to identify areas with higher concentrations of incidents.

Publicizing Reliability Work

IncidentWatch gives your customers an interactive view of the infrastructure improvements you’re making, such as tree trimming, underground line maintenance, and smart meter rollouts. Combined with your other communications, this helps demonstrate your commitment to reliability and planning for the future.

Variety of Usage Scenarios

Other uses for IncidentWatch include water utility mapping, wildfire tracking, and gas leak location. In the case of gas leaks, you can share information about which ones require repair and those that are being monitored. The map can display information including location, repair priority, and other details as needed. You can customize the search feature and map interface to control the level of detail you share, zoom parameters, and navigation by address, ZIP code, or city and state. Our streamlined data integration format enables you to share information directly from a leak management system or other database, so you can be up and running quickly.


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