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Outage Mapping

When the power goes out, how do your customers get restoration updates?


Interactive Outage Map

Showing user-friendly information about outages on your service territory map helps your customers, the media, elected officials, and regulators visualize both the challenges you face and your restoration progress. The Storm Center outage map automatically displays an intuitive and mobile-friendly layout.  This is especially critical during outages, when a mobile device may be the only way your customers can access the internet. Giving your customers direct access to status updates during storm events means they’ll be better informed, more satisfied, and less reliant on your call center.

Configurable Information

You choose the information you want to provide about individual outage locations and in the map’s summary reports. Share outage causes, crew status, estimated restoration times, outage start times, and number of customers affected — or pick only the data that is most important to you. The Storm Center map also includes an alert banner you can use to provide more general information about storms, overall restoration efforts, or scheduled maintenance, and more.

Additional Information Layers

Storm Center has a flexible structure that allows you to add a variety of optional layers including future planned outages, weather radar, regional estimated restoration time updates, and distribution locations for dry ice and water. You can also choose to include links to informational pages, FAQs, or other related web pages. These additional layers enhance your customers’ experience with your company.

Outage Reporting and Status Tool

With our optional Outage Reporting and Status Tool, your customers can log in to view outage status information about their accounts or to report an outage at their home or business. Using our Notifi® Alerts and Preference Management platform in conjunction with Storm Center also allows you to give customers the option to sign up for outage alerts by email, text message, voice message, or mobile app push notification. 

Communicate With Local Stakeholders and Regulators

The optional Area Manager module combines municipal information on the Storm Center map with an administration tool that lets you manage information including estimated restoration times and the number of customers affected in a given area. You can also set up password-protected maps with additional information such as crew locations. Sharing this easy to grasp information with local government and regulatory agencies improves their awareness and understanding of your restoration efforts and contributes to essential community partnerships. 

Learn From the Past

Our optional Map History module enables you to keep an accessible record of outage information from the last five years. This can help you study and improve your responses to major outage events, such as severe storms. You can investigate a specific time snapshot, reviewing information like outage locations and areas, any custom layers in use at the time, alert banners and messages, and information entered by administrators while the event was in progress. To view data across multiple time periods, you can also use previous and next  buttons on the Map History Viewer to navigate between snapshots, allowing you to understand how outages developed and how restoration efforts progressed.


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