KUBRA Utility Bill Design Report Helps Utilities Design Customer-Centric Bills

January 7, 2021

Tempe, AZ — January 7, 2021 – KUBRA, a leading provider of customer experience management solutions for some of the largest utility, insurance, and government entities, released a new consumer report that sheds light on what billers are getting right and where there’s room for improvement when it comes to their bills. KUBRA is sharing these findings to give billers and clients using their bill design services a better understanding of current consumer bill preferences.

Top takeaways for utilities include:

Understanding Is Key to Having a Positive Experience

65.6% of consumers indicated that an easy to understand bill contributes most to having a good experience with their bills. 67.2% selected unexpectedly high bills and 50% chose billing errors as the top reasons that contribute to a negative experience. 

Key Bill Information Revealed

Topping the list of most important information was the amount due (80.4%), due date (61.4%), and usage information (51.4%). The full report also reveals the information that consumers don’t find important which provides clarity to billers around what details should take priority over others. 

Most Consumers Don’t Understand How Their Bills Are Calculated

Just 32.7% of consumers stated they fully understand how their electric bills are calculated and a discouraging 14.7% admitted they don’t understand how their bills are calculated at all. The report clearly shows that a majority of consumers want easy to understand bills, anything short of that has the potential to directly impact customer satisfaction. 

“Until now, utilities have had minimal access to information that would help inform their bill design decisions,” said Rick Watkin, President and CEO of KUBRA. “With this report, Businesses can review in-depth customer bill design preferences allowing them to create bills that will meet the needs of their customers and boost overall confidence and satisfaction,” Watkin added.

Survey Details and Methodology

KUBRA conducted a nationwide survey to research current consumer bill design preferences and attitudes. The survey received over 1,000 responses. Respondents had to be living in the United States, over the age of 18, and head of their household in relation to the payment of utility (gas, electric, water) bills. 

To gain greater insight into customers’ bill preferences, download a complete copy of the 2020 KUBRA Utility Bill Design Report here.


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