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[NEW INFOGRAPHIC] Embarking on a Bill Redesign? Here’s What You Should Know

June 30, 2022

In May 2022, KUBRA had the pleasure of speaking at CS Week about the insights we gathered from our recent Bill Redesign Report. We touched on growing trends that encourage customers to take action, the strategic placement of bill elements, and we uncovered everything utilities need to know before they embark on a bill redesign.

When It Comes to Bill Redesign, We’re Experts!

We have years of experience redesigning bills for companies throughout North America to help them achieve greater customer experiences. Our customers include one of the largest natural gas-only utilities and one of the largest regulated utilities in the U.S. – and everything in between. Our team of design professionals is dedicated to providing superior bill designs tailored to support our clients’ goals.

In our recent infographic, “Embarking on a Bill Redesign? Here’s What You Should Know,” we answer these common questions to get you on the right track to a successful design:

  • Why bill redesigns?
  • What do customers want?
  • What bill items should stay, and which should go?
  • What elements should you focus on to guide the overall redesign?

Your bill continues to be an essential communication tool between you and your customers. With that in mind, is a redesign on your radar?

Download our infographic to spark some ideas for your bill redesign project. Click here to download “Embarking on a Bill Redesign? Here’s What You Should Know.”


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