The Complete Guide To Outsourcing Bill Print and Mail

February 9, 2023

The availability of digital solutions continues to shape how customers want to receive bills and communications. As more billers commit to investing in digital bill presentment and payment, channels like text messages and email are gaining popularity. Despite this, our research found that 42% of consumers still want to receive statements by mail. The primary reasons for choosing paper over electronic are 46% prefer a physical copy of the bill for record-keeping, and 42% say their paper copy is a reminder to pay. These findings confirm that whether you’re sending a transactional document or other communications, mail will continue to be a critical touchpoint between you and your customers.

If you’re currently taking care of your print and mail needs in-house, chances are you’re spending too much time, money, and energy on tasks that could be handled more efficiently by a professional service provider. In this guide, we highlight the benefits of outsourcing, provide tips on how to find the right print and mail partner, and touch on what makes KUBRA’s solution unique.

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