New KUBRA Research Confirms More Consumers Using Digital Wallets

December 1, 2022

65% of consumers currently use digital wallets for purchases, but only 37% have used them to pay bills – and it’s not because they don’t want to. Our recent digital wallet research found that consumers aren’t using digital wallets to pay bills because their billers either don’t offer them or they don’t know they’re available.

It’s time to fix that. Increase your digital wallet use by getting to know why consumers like them and some of the adoption barriers you may face.

Watch the on-demand webinar for insights on:

  • Why digital wallets use is surging
  • What the future looks like for digital wallets
  • Why consumers use digital wallets 
  • What the adoption barriers are for consumers
  • What billers should do to drive awareness and adoption


  • Steve Ryan, Principal Product Manager for Payments, KUBRA
  • Yara Alatshan, Senior Product Marketing Manager, KUBRA

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