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Customer Experience and Engagement Solutions

Your customers and members want quality customer experience and engagement solutions, and KUBRA is here to help. Our solutions will support you in enhancing customer satisfaction by improving efficiency and user experience. 

Our Customer Experience and Engagement Software

From notification systems and mobile apps to outage and incident maps, our software provides comprehensive customer experience and engagement solutions. We've developed a diverse suite of products to help you serve your customers better:  

  • KUBRA HQ™: Consider KUBRA HQ, our full-service customer experience management platform. With KUBRA HQ, you'll have a single hub that serves all your business needs in one place. At the same time, your customers have a comprehensive portal to interact with you and manage their payments, communications, and alert preferences.
  • Notifi®: With the help of our Notifi platform, your customers can pick their preferred communication options. By connecting your data with your customers' preferences, they can engage with you through the channels most convenient for them.
  • Utility and incident maps: If your organization provides services that could be affected by storms or other service interruptions, our utility outage and incident maps can help. Leveraging these tools allows you to update your customers about outages and when they can expect them to be resolved.
  • KUBRA IQ™: Ensure your customers have the support they need while using KUBRA self-service tools. Our KUBRA IQ technology uses natural language processing and humanlike speech to help customers quickly and effectively complete a wide range of tasks.
  • KUBRA iMobile™: KUBRA iMobile apps let your customers check the status of their accounts, pay bills, or report outages or service interruptions whenever and wherever. You can select the features your customers want to streamline their experience and build stronger customer engagement.
  • KUBRA Dropcountr™: Help your customers stay on top of their water usage and consumption by implementing KUBRA Dropcountr. This customer engagement solution improves operational efficiency and lowers customer costs by providing actionable data generated by their water meters.

Benefits of Our Customer Engagement and Experience Solutions

We design each solution with the end user in mind. With more efficient ways to communicate, manage bills and payments, and receive outage and service updates, you and your customers will appreciate KUBRA's broad suite of customer experience and engagement software.

Our software and products will help deliver:

  • Improved customer experience
  • Increased operational efficiency
  • Better operational results

Why Choose KUBRA?

For over 30 years, KUBRA has remained dedicated to ensuring clients and their customers Experience Better. We've developed comprehensive customer engagement and experience solutions to give clients the resources and technology to support their customers and members. By providing diverse software solutions, we ensure you have everything you need in one place, saving you and your customers time.

Our expertise and experience drive our desire to provide the best experiences possible for our clients. We continually monitor and enhance our management solutions to ensure each part of our system meets your needs while matching your customers' wants. Learn more about our services by requesting a demo to see our platforms in action.

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