KUBRA Saves Time and Money with Compart

September 11, 2017
On September 11, Printing Impressions published an article discussing how KUBRA solutions integrate Compart software to transform files more efficiently.

Even before the roll out of Compart (Booth 4822) DocBridge was complete, KUBRA discovered that the software reduced spooling time in its production facilities—from five hours to 25 minutes.

KUBRA is one of the leading customer experience management solution providers, processing more than 400 million mail pieces, 55 million electronic bills, and more than one billion customer interactions annually for over 550 client companies throughout the U.S. and Canada. Time is a scarce commodity at KUBRA.

Some of the largest utility companies, government agencies, insurance carriers, and banks rely on KUBRA to get transactional documents printed and in the mail, often paying a premium for very tight deadlines. Missed Service Level Agreements (SLAs) are not an option.

One of the most challenging aspects is that KUBRA accepts data formats of all kinds. Further, the input can be hundreds of thousands of documents as individual files, or hundreds of thousands of documents as a single file.

“A client can send us any type of raw data and we will load it into our system and create the documents. Or they can send us pre-composed files and we print them,” says Muhammad Ali Kazmi, Technical Lead, Client Solutions. “We will take it however it comes in; the main thing is how we want to convert it for our own internal processing.”

The original use for DocBridge came on behalf of clients that gave KUBRA their documents pre-composed in AFP format. “We had another solution in place, but in order to use it we had to purchase their server and convert all files to PDF,” he says.

The desire to avoid that extra step led KUBRA to purchase DocBridge. “We wanted to do the pre-sort, barcode, and add or remove messages and whatever else was needed directly in native AFP and send the files to print. Our initial project was just about AFP. But after a while, we realized that we could also use Compart software to improve our process for clients who sent us PDF files.”

Kazmi continues: “We were able to embed the Compart solution for PDF right into our system. We could split the files into smaller groups based on client-supplied business rules, and save time without the extra processing.”

KUBRA now uses Compart software to transform files more efficiently for their iDoxs accounts, which is KUBRA’s EBPP solution. “We load all of the print files into our database using Compart’s XFF format. We provide our customers with a render engine that allows consumers to look at the document online,” says Kazmi. “We use Compart’s libraries to convert the bill on the fly to PNG or PDF, depending on how the consumer wants to view them. The best part is that we don’t need a second set of servers to do this conversion.”

Tony Di Iorio, KUBRA SVP Service Delivery, is a panelist at the FREE Xplor Breakfast “Exploring the Role of Print in Today’s Customer Journey” on Tuesday, September 12 at 7:30 am in Room S105abc sponsored by Compart. To Register: www.cvent.com/d/j5qw5s

The original article can be found at http://www.piworld.com/article/kubra-saves-time-money-compart/.