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Security, Simplicity, Speed: KUBRA EZ-PAY's Payment Revolution

February 1, 2024

We’re thrilled to introduce the game-changer in payment processing – KUBRA EZ-PAYⓇ 6, your new benchmark for security, simplicity, and speed. With cyber threats on the rise and the demand for seamless transactions soaring, the arrival of KUBRA EZ-PAY 6 marks a revolutionary step forward in meeting these critical consumer expectations. Join us on this exciting journey to explore how KUBRA EZ-PAY 6 empowers businesses and delights consumers, setting a new standard for the future of online transactions.

The Security Imperative

Every 39 seconds, a cyber attack strikes within the U.S., highlighting the urgent need for robust cyber security measures.  As the average cost of a U.S. data breach soars to $9.44 million, companies and consumers recognize the pivotal role security plays in protecting financial transactions. With KUBRA EZ-PAY 6, the commitment to data security is crucial.  The solution aligns with PCI DSS 4.0 standards, ensuring the highest level of protection against increasingly complex cyber threats. By presenting a fully compliant system with an ‘A’ grade in various security criteria, KUBRA EZ-PAY 6 allows businesses to provide consumers with a secure means to pay, restoring trust and peace of mind in an otherwise uncertain digital frontier. 

Simplicity as a Signature

Beyond security, today’s consumers prefer simplified experiences, with 55% willing to pay more for services that offer ease and efficiency.  The success of digital payment solutions hinges on their ability to provide intuitive experiences.  With KUBRA EZ-PAY 6, the digital payment journey has been reimagined to deliver just that. Facilitating transactions in as few as 2-3 clicks, supporting a wide array of payment types, and providing a unified digital wallet, KUBRA EZ-PAY 6 caters to the modern consumer’s expectation of streamlined, user-friendly interactions.  The interface is designed to be not only efficient but also comfortably accessible, with multilingual options that respect the diversity of its user base. 

Speed: The New Standard

As instantaneous services become the norm, the standard for payment processing speed is set high, with 26% of consumers making urgent payments within the last year. Nearly 80% exhibit a strong inclination to use faster payment modalities for their business transactions, illustrating that speed is not a luxury — it is essential.  In line with these expectations, KUBRA EZ-PAY 6 was engineered to offer expeditious payment processing, integrating with platforms like the FedNow Service to deliver instant payment services.  By shortening the transaction cycle to mere seconds, KUBRA EZ-PAY 6 satisfies the consumer’s need for speed and enhances the efficiency of businesses, ensuring a competitive edge in the marketplace. 

The Integrated Approach: KUBRA EZ-PAY 6

KUBRA EZ-PAY 6 stands out in the digital payment landscape, offering a seamless blend of security, simplicity, and speed.  It is a platform that cultivates confidence through its commitment to cybersecurity, delights users with its streamlined approach, and exceeds expectations with its swift processing times.  As it continuously innovates, KUBRA EZ-PAY 6 is redefining the payment experience, enabling businesses to elevate their services, secure consumer loyalty, and lead the charge toward a future where online transactions are as straightforward, rapid, and safe as possible. 

For more information on KUBRA EZ-PAY 6 and to explore the full range of features, please visit KUBRA’s On-Demand Payments web page.  Discover how effortless and secure your payment processing can be with our innovative platform. 

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