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SECO Energy Implements Storm Center, IncidentWatch, and Notifi KUBRA Solutions

March 7, 2019

In 2018, SECO Energy went live with IncidentWatch, Storm Center™, and Notifi® implementations.

KUBRA is well known for its advanced outage mapping technologies, with close to 40 deployments of Storm Center across North America. This SECO implementation is the first map on the new Storm Center platform. Even though 90% of all utilities offer some form of online outage map, it’s the quality of the map that defines the user experience. With this in mind, SECO moved forward with implementing the newest version of Storm Center, which was designed to improve the user experience through improved usability, new features, enhanced reliability, and more.

Storm Center

The new version of the Storm Center outage map was designed to provide the more commonly used features of previous Storm Center editions, while also allowing KUBRA to provide ongoing updates that include new features without altering production configurations or requiring upgrade projects.  The use of Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure also provides a stable, scalable application. With this new implementation, SECO customers will be able to report outages, view current outages, and view estimated time of restoration (ETR).



The SECO IncidentWatch map, which SECO named Light Finder, provides customers a  streamlined incident reporting process, improving customer experience while reducing SECO’s costs and increasing efficiency. This interactive, map-based platform gives customers a simple, interactive way to report incidents such as problems with outdoor lights in SECO’s service territory. The map’s configurable reporting allows SECO to choose which information to share and captures the information needed, such as GPS data, addresses, pole numbers, and customer contact details. IncidentWatch’s responsive web design offers SECO customers using both desktop and mobile web browsers access to map information, and supports mobile location-based navigation that allows the map to automatically move to a user’s current GPS location.



By electing to enroll 100% of their member base into outage notifications, SECO’s new Notifi implementation reaches over 200,000 customers. KUBRA Notifi connects SECO’s back-end systems to monitor important events, match those events with customer preferences, and automatically deliver the alerts customers want on the channels in which they want to receive them. Ideal uses for Notifi include reporting and monitoring outages and receiving automated power restoration status updates.

Marketing Assets

Along with implementation of the KUBRA solutions, SECO launched new marketing assets to make it easier for their customers to adopt and engage. By creating a ‘Storm Center’ landing page, customers are able to easily access the resources they need during a power outage. The menu is broken up into four sections where users are able to hover over each option with a description about the service. The four sections include outage map, report/status, manage notifications, and Light Finder. The title bar of the website includes a link to the Storm Center landing page so that customers are able to access it from any page.


About SECO Energy

SECO Energy is a non-profit electric cooperative serving over 200,000 families and businesses across seven counties in Central Florida, making them the third largest electric co-op in Florida, and the seventh largest in the nation. SECO’s wholesale provider is Seminole Electric Cooperative, Inc., which serves 1.6 million consumers in Florida.

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