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New Podcast Episode: Utility and CX Trends to Watch for in 2023 and Beyond

January 31, 2023

Last year, Experience Better, the CX Podcast, hosted an amazing group of industry professionals who shared insight on trends and opportunities to look out for in the world of CX. Our 2022 episodes explored a wide range of topics from, what’s new in the world of digital payments to disruptions caused by the clean energy transition. We’re kicking off 2023 by highlighting some of the trends we discussed last year.

In this episode of Experience Better, Shaun Jackson, SVP of Marketing at KUBRA, walks you through some of the customer experience trends our guests identified, including:

  • Utility and CX trends to look out for in the coming years
  • Disruptions caused by the pandemic and the clean energy transition
  • Evolving customer preferences and how to meet these needs with new innovations

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