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New Podcast Episode! Unpacking CX: Celebrating 5k Streams and Lessons Learned

December 19, 2023

In late 2019, KUBRA embarked on a journey with the release of its first podcast episode.  The mission was clear: share success stories, research insights, and engage in conversations with CX leaders to empower organizations to deliver exceptional customer experiences. Fast forward to the present, and after numerous insightful episodes, the podcast has achieved a remarkable milestone of 5,000 streams across all channels.  

As we celebrate this achievement, our latest episode takes a nostalgic journey through the lessons we’ve learned.  Hosted by Shaun Jackson, SVP of Marketing at KUBRA, the episode explores fundamental aspects, starting with the ‘essence’ of CX - what it is and why it should matter. 

Next, we navigate the CX landscape, considering it both an art and a science.  Through engaging interviews with CX leaders, we unravel the intricacies of blending creativity with data-driven methodologies to deliver exceptional customer experiences.

The episode doesn’t stop there. Join us as we uncover the technological advancements that play a pivotal role in delivering outstanding CX. From innovative solutions to emerging technologies, we explore tools to deliver great customer experiences. 

As we reflect on the meaningful conversations and milestones achieved, the 5k streams mark is not just a number; it's a testament to the growing community that values continuous learning and excellence in customer experience. Tune in to this special episode as we celebrate this milestone and gear up for more enriching discussions in the world of CX.  

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