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New Podcast Episode: Latest Payment Innovations Are Changing How We Pay

November 22, 2022

Payment experiences have come a long way since the credit card was introduced in 1951. Innovative technology and evolving consumer expectations have triggered tremendous changes in the billing and payments space. Today’s consumers have many payment options, including Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL), real-time payments (RTP), and cryptocurrency.

In this episode, Ben Murphy, Director of Strategy and Transformation at KUBRA, joins us to talk about the latest payment innovations, the new options available to billers and payers, and how payment experiences are changing. Specifically, he shares some insights on:

  • The most recent trends in the world of bill-payments
  • The value of BNPL, real-time payments, and cryptocurrency for both billers and payers
  • How existing payment experience may change due to these innovations

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