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NEW Podcast Episode Explains How Concierge Services Simplify the Bill Pay Experience

September 27, 2021

Managing and paying bills can be a source of stress for all of us. For the elderly and their caretakers, it can be even more challenging to keep track of all the bills coming in and navigating new payment technologies to pay them. Not to mention, seniors are more vulnerable to fraud and scams. 

In this episode of Experience Better: The CX Podcast, we talk to Marci Lobel-Esrig, Founder, CEO, and General Counsel at SilverBills, to gain a better understanding of what concierge services are and the benefits businesses and individuals are seeing from using them.

Listen to this episode to learn how concierge services:

  • Help seniors and others better manage their bills
  • Detect fraudulent charges
  • Protect against overpaying

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