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KUBRA Adds Dropcountr to Customer Experience Solutions Suite

February 24, 2022

KUBRA recently welcomed Dropcountr to the family, a cloud-based data analytics and customer engagement company for water utilities. By adding Dropcountr, we can provide our clients with access to billing and payments, customer communications, and water analytics under one platform. We’re thrilled with this acquisition because it advances our mission to provide the most comprehensive customer experience solution on the market. 

“Access to personal data and analytics about water usage is an important part of providing an exceptional customer experience,” said Rick Watkin, President and CEO of KUBRA. “With our acquisition of Dropcountr, we can further bolster our customer experience solutions to help utilities better serve their customers, with more insights and control as to how they can manage water consumption in a more meaningful way.”

What Is Dropcountr?

Dropcountr is a leading cloud-based customer engagement and analytics solution that offers free mobile and web apps and automated alerts and tips for residential and business customers. And that’s not all. Water utility staff benefit from access to a utility dashboard providing analytics and communication. With Dropcountr, water utilities can translate data generated by water meters into actionable information for their customers so they can monitor their water usage and make informed decisions. 

Water Analytics Benefit Customers and Utilities

Customers can use this solution to gain access to:

  • Water use insights
  • Budget and peer comparisons
  • Bill and use history
  • Threshold and leak alerts      
  • Irrigation analysis
  • Water-saving tips

Water utilities benefit from:

  • Digital communications that save paper and reduce truck rolls
  • Fewer customer service calls
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Elevated customer experience
  • Increased electronic payments and reduced bill delinquency

Every Drop Counts

Gaining access to detailed water analytics empowers customers to track their usage and make better decisions. Contact us today to learn more about how Dropcountr brings increased visibility, transparency, and satisfaction to residential and business water customers.

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