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Apple Pay Offers Consumers an Easy, Secure, and Private Way to Pay

May 4, 2023

According to Pew Research, 85% of American adults now have smartphones, and in recent years the prevalence of digital wallets has increased which means more consumers are seeing the value of leaving their physical wallets at home. The convenience of having a solution that lets users store payment information securely on their devices and make digital transactions is quickly turning digital wallets into a go-to payment option. Billers should be aware that as their customers grow more accustomed to using digital wallets, they will also want the opportunity to use them to pay their bills. 

Usage Continues to Climb

According to KUBRA research conducted in 2022, nearly 70% of customers used digital wallets to pay for their purchases, and an additional 37% of consumers used digital wallets to pay their bills. The jump in consumers using digital wallets shows they’re quickly becoming a preferred payment method. Though using digital wallets to pay bills hasn't grown as quickly as purchases, 57% of consumers said they would consider using digital wallets to pay their bills if available. A clear signal to billers that many of their customers are open to using their digital wallets for bill payments.

Apple Pay Is the Most Popular Digital Payment Method

Apple Pay allows users to make payments in stores and online. It's one of the most widely used digital wallets, with millions of users1. It's accepted at over 85% of retailers and millions of websites and apps in the U.S.2

Customers Love To Use Apple Pay 

Consumers love using Apple Pay because it's convenient and offers a seamless payment experience. Using Apple Pay allows consumers to securely complete their online bill payments without the hassle of filling out their billing details. KUBRA's 2022 Digital Wallets Research found 34% of consumers prefer Apple Pay, and 35% use 2-3 digital wallets to make payments.3

Why Add Apple Pay

As a biller, there are many benefits to offering Apple Pay for you and your customers. When asked what the primary benefit of having a digital wallet as a payment option was, 29% of consumers stated that it helped them make payments on time, and 26% of respondents said that offering digital wallets would improve their overall satisfaction with their utility company. Additionally, 22% said it would show that their utility is innovative, and 15% said it would increase their trust and confidence in their biller/utility company.4 Offering access to digital wallets, like Apple Pay, for bill payments is quickly becoming a critical factor in customer satisfaction.

KUBRA Makes Offering Digital Payments Easy

KUBRA EZ-PAY® allows your customers to make last-minute, on-demand payments through various channels, including online and mobile, automated IVR and call centers, and smart speakers and chatbots. Additionally, it supports multiple payment methods, including Apple Pay.

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Learn more about how Apple Pay delivers the flexibility and security customers want when paying their bills.

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Apple Pay is a trademark of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.







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