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5 Digital Payment Trends Expected To Continue To Grow in 2022

December 23, 2021

Perhaps the biggest lesson learned by billers in recent years is that the desire for ‘instantism’ has radically changed consumer expectations, even when it comes to payments. You see, the ability for consumers to get almost anything instantly and easily has resulted in them demanding the same from their payment experiences. If you want to ensure you stay on top of what your customers want and need, we’ve identified five digital payment trends expected to grow in the coming year. Check them out to see how well prepared you are for 2022.

The 5 Digital Payment Trends

1. Omni-Channel Use of Digital Payments

With fewer and fewer consumers interested in using traditional payment and statement delivery methods, billers are having to expand payment options to meet customer demand and expectations. In the last two years, there was a 150% jump in the use of mobile devices to schedule or make payments while demand for mail and walk-in centers to pay bills dropped.1

2. Frictionless Payment Experiences

Simple fact, your customers want you to make it easier for them to pay their bills. To deliver a more positive customer experience, you need to provide frictionless payment experiences through pay-by-text, autopay, and digital wallets. These solutions deliver a streamlined checkout process by removing barriers to making a purchase or bill payment. 

3. Voice-Activated Payments

Ready access to smartphones and smart speakers has boosted the use of voice-activated payments in recent years. Your customers love the 24-hour accessibility of services like Siri and Amazon Alexa because it lets them make payments when it’s convenient for them.2

4. Buy Now, Pay Later on the Rise (BNPL)

BNPL allows consumers to make purchases and pay for them at a future date, often interest-free.3 This payment option is gaining popularity with consumers who don’t want to have to wait to purchase. Today, 30% of consumers report having financed a purchase with this type of service, and 11% are interested in using it.

5. Digital Wallets

Digital wallets have become an attractive payment solution for more than 98 million Americans because they’re convenient, secure, and they allow consumers to travel light when they go out.5  Adoption is only expected to grow. Juniper Research forecasts that the value of global e-wallet transactions will exceed $10 trillion by 2025, up from $5.5 trillion in 2020.

We understand that keeping track of the changing wants and needs of your customers is challenging these days. One thing we can tell you, if you aren’t currently offering a wide variety of digital payment solutions to your customers, you’ll soon hear about it from them–and not in a good way. Read our white paper to learn more about what trends you can expect to see next year so you can identify where you may be falling short before your customer experience starts to suffer.



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