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Business Intelligence and Data Analytics

Leverage BI and data analytics to identify and solve your business challenges.

  • Business intelligence (BI) and data analytics are key to improving operational efficiencies and customer experiences. At KUBRA, we work with you to turn data into actionable insights to improve your business while increasing your CSAT scores.

    The Power of Data

    Making business decisions is no longer just about intuition. By coupling your data with industry data, KUBRA can help provide the information needed to drive more informed decisions and help enhance key initiatives and micro-target specific customer segments through persona creation. 

    The primary drivers for BI adoption are to assist with:

    • Better decision making
    • Revenue growth
    • Increased competitive advantage 
    • Enhanced customer service 
    • Improved operational efficiency
    • Reduced costs 

    Want to learn more? Listen to our podcast on "How Business Intelligence Improves CX."

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    BI Use Cases

    Tackling modern day business challenges just got a whole lot easier. BI can help you uncover correlations between different decision variables that you otherwise wouldn’t have known were connected and can be used to solve a number of business problems including:

    • Increasing e- bill and paperless adoption 
    • Decreasing call center volumes
    • Tailoring customer online journeys 
    • Improving Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) 
    • Increasing customer satisfaction scores (CSAT) 
    • Gaining a better understanding the Voice of the Customer (VOC) 

    Real World Example:

    • Business Challenge:

    - E-billing and paperless adoption had plateaued for one utility company

    • BI Insights:

     Data showed that adoption was particularly low in areas where the primary household language was not English

    • Business Solutions:

    Incorporate multiple languages into e-bill promotions across channels including mail, email, text messaging, IVR, and mobile apps 

    Micro-target customers in these areas with inserts/onserts with their monthly bill

    Activating BI with KUBRA

    With KUBRA, you will have access to a team that understands your unique business challenges and can formulate strategies to turn those challenges into opportunities. We will pair data from our billing and payment and customer communication solutions with data from third-parties to give you a 360-degree view of the problems you’re trying to solve.

    From identifying issues and developing hypotheses to testing solutions that work for your business,  KUBRA will be with you each step of the way.


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