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KUBRA iDoxs® Electronic Bill Presentment

Are your e-billing adoption rates where you want them to be?

The KUBRA iDoxs Suite helps you maximize e-billing adoption by providing multiple e-bill delivery models and options for making one-time or enrolled payments. Customer analytics and document archival and retrieval help you track bill delivery and payment activity across multiple channels in one easy-to-use web portal.

Multi-Channel E-Bill Delivery

The KUBRA iDoxs Suite gives your customers tools for enrolling in e-billing and viewing bills or bill information on desktop and mobile devices and for checking their account balance by phone. These tools can be integrated on their own or with your existing customer web portal or mobile app.

Supported e-bill delivery channels:

  • Web
  • Mobile web
  • Secure email PDF
  • SMS text
  • Voice (IVR and call center)
  • Native mobile app (Android and iOS)

Flexible Payment Options

Allow your customers to make one-time payments or enroll for recurring payments online, by phone, or from their mobile devices (including two-way text messaging and native mobile apps). The KUBRA iDoxs Suite even supports enrollments for automatic payment programs using a paper form with a cancelled check, so all of your customers can find an option that works for them.

Supported payment methods:

  • ACH (e-check)
  • Credit card
  • Debit card

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Personalized Messaging

Keep your customers up to date on the status of their bills and payments with automated messaging via SMS text, email, and voice. Send bill due date reminders, payment confirmations, and other messages your customers want to make sure they don’t miss a thing. The KUBRA iDoxs Suite also includes web-based tools for managing message templates and tracking message delivery across all supported channels.

Targeted Marketing

Take advantage of the attention your customers give their bills to promote other programs and services you provide. The KUBRA iDoxs Suite includes tools for creating and targeting marketing messages such as pop-ups, web banners, and e-serts (electronic inserts) on your e-bills. Tracking tools help you identify which messages are the most effective and which segments of your audience are responding to your calls to action. 

Bill Consolidator Integration

Make sure your e-bills reach your customers even when they use third-party billing services such as bill consolidators and digital mailboxes. The KUBRA iDoxs Suite integrates with these third-party services to make it easier for your customers to view their bill information and make timely payments on their channel of choice.

Tools for Call Center Agents and Administrators

Give your internal resources such as call center agents and administrators the tools they need to create, view, search, print, fax, annotate, and email documents individually or in batches. The KUBRA iDoxs Suite document repository provides access to both printed documents and digital documents (such as e-bills).

A Comprehensive Billing and Payment Solution Suite

The KUBRA iDoxs Suite is designed to easily integrate with other KUBRA billing and payment solutions. This allows you to create and deliver full-color documents with KUBRA iMail™ Document Printing and Mailing, provide even more options for one-time or recurring payments with KUBRA EZ-PAY™ On-Demand Payments, and view all of your remittance information in one place with KUBRA iRemit™ Remittance Processing.


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