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Top 6 Reasons Why KUBRA iMobile Is the Perfect Solution for Your Utility

August 22, 2019

Mobile devices are a central part of everyday life. In fact, consumers spend a staggering 26 hours a week—more than a full day—using their mobile devices. Interestingly, 90% of that time is spent using mobile apps, rather than websites. As a utility, it’s time to meet customers where they are with a mobile app tailored to their preferences. We’d like to introduce you to KUBRA iMobile and share the top 6 reasons why it could be the perfect solution for your customers’ needs. KUBRA iMobile is a comprehensive, self-service native mobile app designed for iOS and Android devices. Used by some of the largest utilities in the industry, KUBRA iMobile has been shown to improve customer engagement, reduce call volume, and help save money.

Let’s dive into the top 6 reasons why KUBRA iMobile is a smart investment

1. Mobile app options for every budget and need
There are two iMobile models available so you can choose the best option for your budget and needs. Below are the main differentiators between KUBRA iMobile and KUBRA iMobile Enterprise.                    

KUBRA iMobile

  • White-label app
  • Quick and cost-effective to implement
  • Supports configuration and some customization

KUBRA iMobile Enterprise

  • Custom design, built from scratch
  • Generally takes more time to develop than the standard version
  • Unlimited customization options

2. Delivers a feature-rich experience
An alarming 25% of users will uninstall an app after one use. One way to help reduce this churn is with enhanced mobile app features. Take a look at some of the top features KUBRA iMobile provides.

  • Account management
  • Interactive outage maps
  • Outage reporting and updates
  • Bill presentment and payment
  • Energy usage analysis
  • Real-time alerts and preference management
  • News and social media integration
  • Camera/GPS information capture
  • Home automation (Enterprise only)

3. Customers actually use their utility’s iMobile app
At KUBRA, we’re always keeping an eye on how the end-user is using and benefiting from their utility’s app. Below is a monthly snapshot of our top iMobile categories and the global customer interactions associated with each.

As you can see, users heavily benefit from the app’s billing and payment features. This is good news for utilities since companies can save as much as $6 for every customer participating in paperless billing.

4. App users are satisfied with their mobile experience
It’s not enough to offer a mobile app, the app needs to be helpful and easy to use. Take a look at the customer reviews our clients have received from happy mobile app users. 

“This is a very nice app! Very easy to navigate and find what you’re looking for!” – Eversource mobile app user

“This is an example of an app done right. Reporting power outages, viewing the affected area, and getting real-time updates is great!” – Avista mobile app user

“I don’t have to call to report [an outage] or wonder if anyone else has. Accurate, helpful, small. Pretty much exactly what’s needed.” – Colorado Springs Utilities mobile app user

5. Proven results
KUBRA works with utilities of all sizes to deliver results. See some of our client success statistics below.

  • 91% of customers who downloaded the Pepco app have opened it at least once.  
  • 29% of Pepco’s customer base downloaded its app within five years of its launch.
  • 15% of storm outages were reported to Pepco using its mobile apps in 2014. 
  • 18% of Hydro One’s customer base downloaded its app within three years of its launch.
  • SMECO experienced a 41% increase in mobile app downloads within a month of launching its updated app.

6. Key differentiators that set KUBRA iMobile apart
Last but not least, we’ve rounded up the top three key differentiators that set our mobile app apart from the rest.

  • Integration capabilities – We have extensive experience working with complex organizations to integrate multiple backend and third-party systems to share the information your customers need.
  • Scalable hosting – Using Amazon Web Services hosting allows utilities to scale up or down in accordance with demand so customers never have to wait.
  • Modular solution – Utilities can select from our available app features to create a complete solution, or start with a basic set of functions and add additional features as your time and budget allow.

KUBRA iMobile can help transform your customer experience and build stronger, longer-lasting relationships.

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