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New Podcast Episode: Water Analytics Are Essential for Elevating the Customer Experience

May 23, 2022

Taking water for granted is quickly becoming a thing of the past as many regions face severe droughts, regular water restrictions, and increasing water bills. As consumers become more aware of just how precious this resource is, they’re looking for ways to monitor and reduce the amount of water they use. But how do consumers do that if they don’t know how much they use and where?

In this episode of Experience Better: The CX Podcast, we talk to Robb Barnitt, Founder of Dropcountr and Vice President, Market Development at KUBRA, as he explains how providing access to personal data and water analytics helps customers make better decisions.

Tune in to our latest episode to gain a better understanding of:

  • Why do water insights enhance the customer experience?
  • Why should water utilities offer water analytics and engagement solutions?
  • What is KUBRA Dropcountr, and what are its main benefits?

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